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Goodreads Giveaway Announcement

Five Print copies of The Barrow Lover. Starts midnight Friday Oct. 17th. Ends midnight Tuesday, Oct. 21st. Tell a friend who might enjoy it. Thanks  Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Barrow Lover by Patrick Todoroff

The Barrow Lover

by Patrick Todoroff

Giveaway ends October 21, 2014.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.



Pain in the glass

Two piece landscape installed this afternoon. Sun was coming from my left onto the surface of the panels – totally the wrong way to photograph art glass. You can’t see the high-strike mottled leaves, the subtle differences in the landscape from sandblasting, the ripples in the water… Day-um. At least they went in with no cracks, scratches or trouble.

Three more pieces remaining for this client.




Today’s soundtrack


The Barrow Lover in Print

TheBarrowLover 2 eyes The Barrow Lover is now available in Trade Paperback as well as for Kindle.

*whew* And there it is.

Thanks everyone.


Lovely lass ready to haunt.

TheBarrowLover 2 preview-1The Barrow Lover for Kindle is live at Amazon. Print copy on the way. Tell a friend. Fire off a quick review. And don’t forget the Stained Glass Panel Giveaway.



Not So Subtle Reminder

TheBarrowLover 2 eyesMy latest book, The Barrrow Lover, will be released Oct 1st. A Celtic-flavored ghost story in time for All Hallows’ Eve, you can pre-order it for Kindle as of today. Also, I’m getting the trade paperback version ready through CreateSpace, so there will be a hard copy for those who prefer the heft and smell of printed matter. Special thanks to Michal Oracz for an excellent cover, G.L. Francis for her patience in tidying up the prose, and all the advance readers who took the time.

So please, if you enjoyed it, I’d be grateful if you’d post a link on your blog or FB page, tell a friend or three, and left a short, honest review at Amazon and/or GoodReads. Every little bit helps.

And please remember the Celtic Stained Glass panel Giveaway.

Foil-wrap construction, the panel measures 20.25" x 20.25"

Foil-wrap construction, the panel measures 20.25″ x 20.25″

The winner will be drawn at random from the first fifty folks who leave a review at Amazon. The two smaller second and third place panels are in process right now. (I’ll post pictures when they’re complete)

A thousand thanks.
Patrick Todoroff


Under Strange Stars Excerpts

Back when I was writing the first Clar1ty Wars collection – One Bad Apple – I’d post the stories here for free. Decided to get back into the habit. The first three in the next collection “Under Strange Stars” is now up. Pull down the Clar1ty Wars Excerpts tab up top. I’ll post more next week.

Thanks much and enjoy.


A card-carrying member…

in the Post-Evangelical Wilderness.


Not that I want to be defined by ‘what I’m against’ or slap on a trendy label, but after being called a ‘good post-evangelical’ recently, I prayed to St. Google and realized it was time to send away for my membership card and decoder ring.

If you require further explanation, browse these links: Wiki Page, This Blog Post, or This One, and This Excellent Article.

No, I’m not draping myself in the mantle of Indignant Victim/Misunderstood Prophet, nor am I jettisoning foundational orthodox doctrines. I’m weary of the bullshit is all. Celebrity ministries, flatulent egotism, unrepentant rationalizations for long-term character flaws, imperious immaturity, moral failures, financial shenanigans, organization politics, dysfunctional and disproportionate sermons… Sad to say if you’ve been in church longer than five years, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Looking over 28 years of following Jesus, plus what I can discern and analyze of the current state of the American church, I wonder if in this Providential place and season, my service to God must be developed and engaged outside the traditional venue of the church. That recognizing the present options are not only less than ideal, but out of my purview, if I am being forced to grow into new areas of faithfulness and fruitfulness. I also wonder if this large shift – which I find myself a part of – isn’t a falling away as critics claim, but rather a divine pruning that requires Christians exercise missional impulse (i.e. obey the Great Commission) outside the traditional pyramid scheme church. Perhaps like the Acts 8 persecution in Jerusalem after the martyrdom of Stephen, this scattering is God’s intention. Maybe He’s saying it’s time to stop congealing around brand-name ministries in mega-churches, and go into the highways and byways and deal one-on-one with people.

If so, I need to move forward rather than drag old modes of thought and practice behind me.

It’s not a little scary – this pushing out into the deep and leaving sight of the shore. But the boat is solid, tempest-worthy if you will. The instruments work. So long as I keep my destination in mind and don’t lose sight of the North Star, I’ll get through it. The shore behind me was the starting point, not the goal. And it wasn’t what was keeping me dry either.

It’s just a thought.


Give blood – Work at a glass shop

Writing fiction is a full-time vocation jammed into part-time schedule. Glass work is my full-time job. Some days it strikes me how incredibly fortunate I am – blessed even – to make a living in the arts. Occasional slices, client aggravations, and heat-cracks aside, this is a good gig.

Here’s some shots of my studio.

At the back door

At the back door

Front door, left side.

Front door, left side.

Front door, right side

Front door, right side

Should have had more: patio slider unit turned into a large insulated window.

Should have had more: patio slider unit turned into a large insulated window.

Here’s a link to my Studio website: Glass Graphics Studio

Remember: It’s not a real project until you’ve given blood.

Thanks all. Enjoy your day.


Holster That Stupidity!

*WARNING. Off-the-cuff 2nd Amendment/Gun Control talk follows*

Listening to the alarmist hyperbole on both sides of the gun control debate, watching respective parties pounce on the tragedy in Ferguson MO to ‘prove’ their point, I’m appalled how much mileage Stupid gets these days.

I mean there are hundreds of thousands of responsible, law-abiding gun-owning citizens (read ‘voters’ there) who respect their Second Amendment rights yet don’t feel violence is the solution to every problem and who aren’t ready to snap at the drop of a hat and shoot up a school/mall/church. Owning guns does not make one a sociopath.

On the other hand, we are talking about firearms here. Always potent, potentially deadly. No, guns don’t make you a killer; killing makes you a killer, but what exactly is wrong with mandatory gun safety courses? We do it for motor vehicles, motorcycles, trucks and heavy machinery. And Background Checks are wise. After all, how about we not give guns to crazy people.

So in search of middle ground, I am forming my own Gun Rights Organization: CITIZENS for RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERSHIP. (Pronounced Ser-Go.) We’ll have nifty t-shirts, ball caps, bumper stickers, and large annual barbecues where we eat lots of good food then all fire our weapons in a celebratory manner. (safely, downrange)

CRGO firmly and vocally upholds the Second Amendment, the law-abiding citizen’s inalienable right to defend property and family, as well as carry concealed for personal protection.
CRGO believes there is nothing inherently wrong with firearms, firearm training, military service, police and security professions, or the time-honored traditions of hunting and recreational shooting.
CRGO maintains any law-abiding American citizen without a felony record or domestic violence conviction should be able to own a firearm for any and all lawful purpose.

CRGO believes children of both genders should learn basic firearm safety and handling under qualified supervision starting at a young age. Education is the best defense against accidents. Ignorance, fear, and hyperbole are never good strategies for any endeavor, certainly not firearms.

Recognizing gun ownership is an enormous responsibility, CRGO firmly supports mandatory firearm training, background checks, and secure storage for firearms and ammunition.
CRGO also supports restrictions on genuine military-grade weapons and mechanisms. However, understanding appearance does not equal function, CRGO maintains gun owners have the right to accessorize their firearms however they please.

Regarding Gun Laws and Gun Control, CRGO believes our nation has a glut of firearm laws and regulations presently on the books, many of them convoluted, contradictory and confusing. For the sake of the citizenry, police and judicial system, our nation needs a uniform set of concise regulations, firmly and consistently enforced. Not more laws, but clear laws fairly enforced.

There – that’s done. If this sounds good to you, chime in. We get enough people, the gun companies will send us free stuff.

Have a great day.


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