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Post-Modern Juke Box

They’re so damn good.


Re-Post: Dear Writer…

In case you missed it, Chuck Wendig’s Dear Writer… is a great article. Read it. It’s crass, clever, and brutally honest. If you write, it’s totally worth your time. Caution – has bad words so beware.

I’m sure someone else has noted it, but ‘Wendig’ is just an ‘O’ (as in OMG!) away from the mythological, Native American, ravenous, demonic, flesh eating, demi-beast, (and uber-cool comic book villan) Wendigo. Just sayin’

Have a Happy Trick or Treat.


The Barrow Lover panel #2

12" x 12" with 18" chain for hanging.

12″ x 12″ with 18″ chain for hanging.

Managed to solder the second Celtic panel for The Barrow Lover Stained Glass Giveaway. Simple design with a Celtic knot negative-etched on antique gray glass in the center. The halo is a Kelly green antique glass with a secondary ring of clear double-chip. The arms are a very cool translucent white with an unusual gold fire when in the sun, while the corners are dark gray granite glass. The third piece for the giveaway will be similar. (Different center) I should finish it late this week.

Someone commented giving away stained glass was an unusual way to get reviews. I don’t like the Shenanigans and Review Inflation that goes on at Amazon/Goodreads, etc, but I’m convinced honest reviews are important. Of course I want them. But this is also a way to say ‘Thank you’ to readers. There are plenty of other books, plenty of other things you could be doing with your time and money. That you read my stuff is an honor. To then take the extra effort to post a review is remarkable. So while I can’t give everyone a panel or even buy you a cup of coffee, I want to express my gratitude for your interest and support. Thank you.

All the best.
Patrick Todoroff


Just my .02

Preachers often rail against the lure and message of Hollywood and there’s something to be said there in certain instances. But Life and the world being what they are, is it any wonder people seek escapism?

In my experience, ministers called to declare ‘the greatest story ever told’ often fail to make it captivating, fail to engage the audience. Can you really fault them when the wonder of an Almighty God, His everlasting kingdom, the mystery and promise of redemption, get replaced by insipid platitudes or petty indignations? If those are the proposed alternatives, is it any wonder people prefer to spend time with Tolkien’s Bilbo rather than their Jesus?

Don’t blame Hollywood – they are who they are, doing their job. Nature abhors a vacuum – sometimes the empty seats are on you, reverend.


Give Angels some love?

Asking if someones could give Shift Tense: Angels some Amazon love. It’s the third and final section of the Shift Tense story and that lone review is looking kinda sad after all this time. Thanks much.


New Clar1ty Wars.

Chapters 4 and 5 now up. Click on the Clar1ty Wars: Under Strange Stars: Instruments of His Will or Under Strange Stars.

Or Click Here and Here

War is coming to Drop City.

Jealous of their power over the planet and their monopoly on the cerebral-enhancer Clar1ty, the Orbital Corporations are moving to stamp out any hint of rebellion. Seeb and her boyfriend Vasyl, along with Detectives Natesh and Cooper, are heading deeper into the dark heart of their conspiracy. Here are more snapshots from the crossfire.



Goodreads Giveaway Announcement

Five Print copies of The Barrow Lover. Starts midnight Friday Oct. 17th. Ends midnight Tuesday, Oct. 21st. Tell a friend who might enjoy it. Thanks  Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Barrow Lover by Patrick Todoroff

The Barrow Lover

by Patrick Todoroff

Giveaway ends October 21, 2014.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.



Pain in the glass

Two piece landscape installed this afternoon. Sun was coming from my left onto the surface of the panels – totally the wrong way to photograph art glass. You can’t see the high-strike mottled leaves, the subtle differences in the landscape from sandblasting, the ripples in the water… Day-um. At least they went in with no cracks, scratches or trouble.

Three more pieces remaining for this client.




Today’s soundtrack


The Barrow Lover in Print

TheBarrowLover 2 eyes The Barrow Lover is now available in Trade Paperback as well as for Kindle.

*whew* And there it is.

Thanks everyone.


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