4 Replies to “Closing in – target lock”

  1. Nice… the only thing you should notice is that the title is closer to the right side of the cover yo should move a little to the left the title and subtitle to have the same distance on the left and right margins. If you align your name to the same right margin it should look more structured.

    That’s just my opinion. I’m very glad you liked the faded bar.

  2. Looks good, if a little ‘Infinity’ for something from the Rez universe?
    You might consider italicising the title to give a right slant then justify all text right and you have a fast moving cover that draws the reader’s eye along imparting a feeling of speed. Personally I would add an underline that ends level with the right edge of the text but extended off the page left. Remember the urgency of the Mission Impossible series title sequence?

    Anyway, nice font for your name.

    1. Thanks Paul. I’ll remember that and experiment until I get it just right.

      Infinity/Rez: Rez has that cyberpunk “low-life, hi-tech” grit, but RB is a departure. No aliens or toxic zombies, and my dystopia is more real-world grounded.

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