Fonts, sub-titles, and text boxes

Several people commented on the utility of the sub-title, and I’ve included it as a signal of intention. There are two other books planned, and I’d like to establish continuity from the start. Here’s the latest iteration. My wife thinks it odd, given the title, that the font should be white, but it seems more legible.

5 Replies to “Fonts, sub-titles, and text boxes”

  1. Oh, didn’t see this one 🙂 (Just wasted a comment on an old version).
    Better, but the black for the sub title gives it too much weight compared to the title. White and slanting but similar size and keep the lower case will do it.
    Slope your name too for a more unified look, at the moment you’re the author but it looks like you’re not keeping up.

    Isn’t this fun 🙂

    1. You never really think about a cover until you try to make one. Perusing my shelves, there’s no real consistency either, and the best I can do is recognize when it looks wrong.

      Guess I’ll have to keep playing with it.

  2. I’m still leaning toward the original ‘B’ – and I’m sticking to my guns on NO subtitle. 🙂

    One thing I’m curious about… do you know what the finish on the book will be?
    Matte, gloss, etc. That could have some impact on color and transparency effects on the final print.

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