Caprica ends and I’m sad.

Now I realize it wasn’t renewed for a second season and the producers had to wrap it quickly, but in the final episode, the writers defaulted to the stock “all religion is a man-made construct. Followers are dupes while leaders manipulate the ideals and organization for their own petty or deranged ends” trope. Monotheists are dangerous, ignorant bigots. (Polys are ‘tolerant’ but in reality little better.) No one – save the Lacy character – exhibits any genuine faith, and hers is nebulous at best. Aside from the occasional tip of the hat to elusive ‘principled believers’ in dialogue, no one exhibits grace, forgiveness, or authentic conversion. There is no spiritual reality. Indeed, the Monotheist’s entire Resurrection/Apotheosis scheme denies the existence of the soul and cripples the whole idea of accountability, justice, and an afterlife.

Side Note: Let’s just come out in the open and admit the Monotheist faith was patterned after Christianity. Sure, you had a nod to suicide-vest wearing Jihadists and terrorists, but cathedrals, love, forgiveness, confessionals, and the constant chorus of ‘Praise God’… ? Come on.

Do I really expect Ronald D Moore and Co to comprehend/convey sound theological thinking? No. Are they obligated to portray a balanced view of monotheistic faith? No. Their job is to tell stories, entertain, and make money. The characterizations were engaging, the writing brilliant, the story layered and rich. Why then am I so disappointed? Because there is in fact so much ammunition currently and historically to support such a perspective, that it persists and was reinforced in the minds of otherwise creative and perceptive people, and that no Christians seem to be stepping up and providing a quality counter-points.

Napoleon Bonaparte said “Imagination rules the world.” If the battleground is the mind, I fear we are losing entire continents.

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