“Ink” – a very cool film

I am a fan. No doubt about it. INK is difficult to pin down, genre-wise. Urban Fantasy, perhaps? The plot sounds typical: a little girl caught up in the never-ending struggle between good and evil in the spirit/dream world. What sets it apart is the creativity, the characters, the gritty coolness of it all. Indy films can be so lame, so angsty, you reach for the brain bleach in the first ten minutes, but not this one. This is worthy indeed. My copy is on the way – get your own.

One Reply to ““Ink” – a very cool film”

  1. Glad to see someone else loved this film – saw it live-streaming thanks to Netflix and my PS3 and have been telling folks about it for a while now. Truly one worth looking into for fans of gothic storytelling. Sort of reminded me of a darker, more sinister Mirror Mask in a way (another film worth watching if you haven’t seen it already).

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