Running Black (9780578070711): Patrick Todoroff: Books Running Black (9780578070711): Patrick Todoroff: Books.

Well it’s about time…

If those of you who read it would write up a quick and honest review, I’d appreciate it. Then, tell a friend.

I’ll get back to “Shift Tense” now.

Best Regards,

Patrick  Todoroff








2 Replies to “ Running Black (9780578070711): Patrick Todoroff: Books”

  1. Running Black is a new paradigm for action-future teck-thrillers. The characters really live (and it hurts when they die). What makes it new is the way the reader sees the characters from the inside and the plot as a whole with both in constant focus.
    The Genuine Article.

  2. Unrelenting Stimulation Overload- that steals your life away until you finish it- I found it hard to breathe and read at the same time. And it is full of all the stuff you want it to have- the ultra cool characters- the weapons- the clones that are the best killing machines- not to mention my favorite part.. the lingo! ….’your web-fu is amish’ (brilliant!) and of course, the story- which throws you into a storm right away without any lag time and is told in that Brian Jacques style of several small stories coming together and intertwining to an unpredictable ending. (boy did I guess wrong) Very well done- Bravo, promotions for everyone- and I am hoping to see Dirty Carey in the sequel. Reguards- Lamby

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