Unlearning the Bible

Unlearning the Bible.

Kicking Cartoon Adolf out of the top spot, I found this video and wanted to share. Remarkable concept to let the Bible speak for itself instead of sifting it for scriptural rationalizations. Funny and sad this applies to modern American Evangelicals. I believe it was Os Guinness who said eventually the ‘reformers need to be reformed.”

Shades of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.



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  1. thanks for posting this, I would love to claim I had thought of this on my own- but I actually kind of got this from Donald Millers ‘Searching for God Knows What’. and I had actually prayed to get closer to God (with the premiss that we are only as close to God as we want to be) then I happened to read Millers book and.. Shazam! next thing I knew I was wonderfully involved in an adiction to the bilbe! approaching it with all the right questions, like “who wrote this and why did they include….etc” and it is so much better than just trying to make bullet points and formulas out of context. Personally I enjoy the New Living Translation and The Message is also pretty interesting (although with the Message you know it is through someones “filter” and perspective) But Job in the Message is Brilliant! (good commentary as well) To “learn to read” I recommend Hamlet- it was written in 1602 in English- our language- but when you see how even modern languages change- it makes you understand how people go out and learn Hebrew or Greek just to be able to read the Bilble “uncut” “straight” “pure” -don’t forget: “life is an open book test- if you don’t open The Book- you will die like the rest” (I made that up myself- I think) (feel free to use it) -Thanks, TMark

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