Signs of the Times?

Apparently, on Wednesday, Borders Group announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and would close about 200 of its stores. One of them is my local Borders here in Hyannis, MA. I’m sad, the least reason being I was in process of scheduling a book signing there for March. In the bigger sense, lots of folks are losing a great place to meet, hang out, browse and buy. Not only did it have a great selection and cool staff, but it wasn’t in the Mall which meant it didn’t have that cheap and frantic consumer vibe seasoned with spasms of raging teen hormones. G’ah! What a loss. I’m sure I’ll find another venue for a signing/release party, but I want to overdose on Seattle’s Best Dark Roast right now. *sigh*

Ducking for cover to the analytical, I wonder is this specific to the shift in the retail book/music/movie industry, or an indication of continuing economic malaise?


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