Dunce? Dense?

Someone emailed me today asking if I consciously intended “Running Black” to be difficult to read and understand, or if that was just my natural style.

I said it was my natural style.

Like that old Russian proverb says – “Sharp like bowling ball.”



My decision to plunge the reader headfirst into the world of Eshu International was deliberate. I am trusting the genre-reader to pick up the plot as the scenes unfold. In setting the pace on Fast Forward, did I make it too difficult to board the train of thought and sort out the details, and thus limit the book’s potential, broader audience?

Do you believe the immediate, frenetic narrative of “Running Black” will generate confusion for the average reader?

Do you prefer novels with a more linear build-up and structured back story?

2 Replies to “Dunce? Dense?”

  1. I like both ways. I like a good Tom Clancy almost painfully long detailed build-up, & I also loved Running Black.

  2. Thanks. I appreciate it. And I understand completely. So long as the writing works for the particular novel and engages the reader, I don’t think one technique is “better” than the other.

    So… different strokes for different folks, but do you think the Immediate Immersion approach fails with the majority of sci-fi readers?

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