Supernatural Fiction?

A recent post on Mike Duran’s blog, “deCompose”, dealt with the subject of the Christian market’s continued interest in supernatural fiction. Peretti and Dekker are the heavyweights in the Christian corner, while X-Files, Supernatural, and Buffy start the mainstream line-up. I could go on and list hundreds of shows, novels, films in the same vein. It’s obvious our society has an appetite for the supernatural.

One of the reasons I ask is that as I plug away at the draft to “Shift Tense”, (it’s going well, thanks for asking) I have scenes for a completely different story dropping in my head out of the blue – a story about a retired Greek Orthodox Priest stumbling upon a demonic activity. I went so far as to write up one of these scenes.

My question is if you and/or your friends and family read supernatural fiction. If so, do you think there’s an audience for yet another such novel, albeit one with the grit and tone of “Running Black”?


3 Replies to “Supernatural Fiction?”

  1. i personally would love to read a futuristic military sci-fi supernatural thriller/horror story/series. Video games like Dead Space and its sequel, Killzone, and to a certain extent Crysis and its forthcoming sequel are just that – futuristic military sci-fi with horror/supernatural elements which blend and mix well.

    I’m personally not a fan of another “priest fights demons” story as there are truly too many of those…that said, if it’s told in a new and insightful way that brings the character to life, it could be an interesting read.

  2. “another priest fights demons” story…

    I hear you. I don’t want to flog that horse either.

    Regarding Mil sci-fi horror genre, seems that’s among the shuffling dead too, what with Doom, Dead Space, Resident Evil, etc, etc.

    Don’t know if I could provide a new and insightful narrative, but the story keeps rattling around, so I’ll write what comes. Perhaps it’ll morph into something later.

  3. I am also struggling with a current novel, in which I wish to incorporate both my faith and my interest in the supernatural. My first two novels — published by a small publisher — are both secular.

    Bob Avey

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