Chasing Inspiration

I’m currently juggling several stories right now: “Shift Tense” – the second Eshu International novel set in near-future Somaliland; “The Dark Within” – the first portion of what is forming up to be three-part epic fantasy piece; and a present day supernatural horror story featuring an former Greek Orthodox priest stumbling on an particularly ugly incident of demonic possession, tentatively titled “Dead Saints”.

I’m trying to stay focused, but find myself chasing inspiration, working on whichever story is fresh at the moment. I swear my mind is like a puppy in a fire hydrant factory…

Any interest in me posting portions of these on a separate page? They wouldn’t be illustrated, and while cleaned up for company, you’d need to recognize they’re in their first iteration. Let me know.

Take Care.

2 Replies to “Chasing Inspiration”

  1. Thanks Chris!

    I’ll consider it, but let me share this:

    Looking back on how “Running Black” came to be, I feel like I released it too early. It wasn’t as tight and polished as it should have been and I think that interfered with the process. Because I’m publicly committed to releasing “Shift Tense” I’m hesitant to make the same mistake.

    However the other two stories aren’t freighted with baggage or expectations, so it’s easier (for me) to put them out and develop them in plain view.

    That make sense?

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