Free copies of Running Black

Poet9 posts a review at

Reviews are the key to self-pubbed/small press book marketing, so if anyone here is willing to read “Running Black” and post a review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and/or their blog, I am giving away five copies at the moment. (One paperback, four eBooks at Smashwords)

Now you can’t already own a copy and you have to promise you’ll post a review within 30 days of receiving the book. Sound fair? Let me know by posting a comment. First come – first served.

4/15/11. One down. (ebook)

4/24/11. Another eBook sent out.

3 Replies to “Free copies of Running Black”

  1. I also would take an ebook version if you have one available and would be willing to put in a review at various retailers….


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