Geek Economy and History

If they were only this honest.

Heh… The Protestant Reformation (one of the cataclysmic events of world history) simplified for modern consumption.

Like watching a cow get turned into bullion cubes.

4 Replies to “Geek Economy and History”

  1. I like the beatdown of Keynes. It seems to be getting around.

    Haven’t seen the 99 Theses one. When I get on a computer with sound I will.

  2. IMO, the trouble with the Keynes ‘beatdown’ is that’s how it seems to be playing out in real life.

    Ivory tower theorists will defend their hypotheses to our last dollar. (Or our last soldier.)

    1. Boy, you got that right Patrick. We don’t need more Ivy League Eliteists with theories galore. We need people who actually have experience with running things & doing it right.

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