“Running Black” Amazon stats

One of my professors asked me about my book sales the other day and I realized I didn’t have any hard numbers for her. Although RB was officially published at the end of November, 2010, it didn’t appear on Amazon until the very end of December. (Like it or not, Amazon is the 500 lb gorilla in the cyberspace living room when it comes to books.) I went through my Seller Reports this morning and this is what turned up:

Starting with 2 sales in December, 2010, with 16 so far in May, I’ve sold a grand total of 95 books. Seven of them have been paperback, the remaining eighty-eight on Kindle. Ten of these have been overseas sales in UK and elsewhere.

Contrast those numbers with Smashwords, where since October, 2010, I’ve seen 132 sample downloads and a total of twenty-five sales. Early Lulu sales were less than a dozen.

Oh, the glamor and riches of word-smithing!

Anyone got any decent and inexpensive marketing ideas, I’m all ears.

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