Putting it in Perspective

If my sales numbers seem weak compared to say, Amanda Hocking, you need to remember the average self-published book sells around 200 copies. That’s it.

Reportedly, most of those are to the author and related ‘pocket’ markets (i.e. friends, family, supportive local retailers)

Thankfully I’m approaching that tiny hurdle without juking my stats with my own direct purchases. All props to Amazon and those of you who have bought a copy and told friends. I’m grateful.

EDIT: Just checked my Amazon sales page (I try not to do it every day) and discovered I sold three paperbacks last week after the YouTube trailer was released. One each to Florida, Ohio, and Washington state.

3 Replies to “Putting it in Perspective”

  1. I’d like to read your book, but will probably buy a copy for my Nook, rather than go w/ a Kindle file for my laptop. That won’t help your Amazon ranking, sorry. I’ll write a review on Amazon, though. I’m considering self e-pubbing. Do you have any regrets? Or has the process gone well for you? I look at the average sales of self-pubbed authors, and I cringe. If those ave. 200 sales are not all to self/friends/family, I guess I could see the value in going that route. A hundred or so readers are better than 0.

    1. Hey Jill,

      Thanks for commenting. Nook/B&N sales are perfectly acceptable and I appreciate your interest.

      Regrets? No, not really. You have to start somewhere – Live and Learn. I am approaching the sequel quite differently now, avoiding the detours and mistakes from my first go-around. I will say once you’re satisfied with the substance and sequence of your manuscript, hire a professional editor for a mechanical once-over to catch typos and format errors. I used Angel Editing in Spain. (Google ’em)

      You can e-pub for free through Smashwords and Amazon/Kindle and so far, I’ve no complaints. (Amazon pays faster than Smashwords and Affiliate sale though.) I agree about 100 genuine readers. It’s very cool to have a complete stranger enjoy your novel, or to see overseas sales and reviews from places like the Czech Republic. Don’t despise the day of small things – you can’t write your second novel until you’ve written your first, and you never know what will happen.

      Thanks again. Take Care.

      Best, Patrick T.

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