Why do you write?

Cathartic? The therapy of getting your mind’s meanderings at arm’s length for better examination? Story haunting you like some poltergeist demanding exorcism? The challenge of writing a novel was on your “To Do” list? A burning sense of calling? Disgust/disillusionment at current crop of type x fiction? (I see another @x!%!*^! vampire novel I’m gonna snap! I’ll show these twits what a real vampire is.) You finished the latest best seller and thought: “Someone got paid money to do that? My dog could do better…” Fell between the cracks of our recent economic ‘downturn’ and wanted to develop another marketable skill? Dreams of fame, fortune and movie deals?

Some combination of the above? (Hey, I was sure I would be driving a suave Chrysler 300 by now)

At the moment “Dead Saints” (see Stories tab) is calling to me, but I’m hammering away at “Shift Tense” out of a sense of commitment. Do you run with the fickle Muse, turning aside after every whim and taunt? Or do you stay focused on a single project?

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