So what’s up with the “Likes”?

Some of you have been gracious enough to Like/Friend Eshu International, and while I’m still bewildered at the entire Zuckerberg enterprise, I genuinely appreciate it. I have a Facebook Noob question however: I’m getting ‘Liked” by folks who have Zero Apparent Interest in Sci Fi, Cyberpunk, Writing, or even books in general. There’s a smattering of Don Juanna-bes from Italy and South America, a couple gangstas from Ethiopia and Africa, one swarthy Arabic-looking fellow with a decidedly ‘death to America’ smirk, another whose Profile Pic resembles an angry Mug Shot taken after SWAT raided his Meth Lab Trailer. Any advice?

3 Replies to “So what’s up with the “Likes”?”

  1. Mere speculation, but I’ve observed this happening on my blog. There are many programmers out there who are trying to develop bots that “act” or “appear” human. So, your profile could be part of their test environment, as they are working through their proof of concept. Lucky you!

    Blogwise, this has definitely happened to me. Every now and again, I’ll get a string of comments that are no more than gobble-dy-gook, indicating that someone is obviously trying (successfully) to hack my comment spam filter.

    I think social media may eventually devolve into a can of spam.

  2. This happens a lot. I get friend requests from these same people. I think, as Jessica mentions, they are ‘bots. Since most pages on Facebook regard their number of “likes” as a badge of honour, there isn’t much complaint by and large about stray Likes from random passersby.

    I have only a personal profile–I refuse to create a fanpage for myself until I have a published work–so I am not sure of the method one would use to block unwanted Likes. I’m betting such a method exists, though, if you care to explore.

    I’m just glad you’re at least halfway on Facebook. I find it a very useful tool for staying in touch with other writers, even moreso than blogging.

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