Books for a deserted island.

“Remember: plot is what happens TO the characters; story is what happens AS A RESULT of the characters.”

Speaking of fiction here… we’ve all read good books; ones that held our attention, that entertained and engaged, but I’d ask you to pause for a second and think about those novels that went a step beyond “good book.” What about the stories that captivated us? The ones we couldn’t put down, that if we had to for horridly domestic reasons like work or sleep, we couldn’t wait to get back to. The books that we didn’t want to end, and when we did finish them there was this pang, this longing for the story to continue somehow. We were transported, moved, and left… changed.

What is that magic ingredient, or combination of ingredients? Is it themes like sacrifice, bravery, justice? A character’s struggles and triumphs? Insight’s into the poignancy and preciousness of human life? Is it exceptional prose, humor, world-building a la Gormenghastor Perdido Street Station?

Perhaps it was something we read in childhood. I read and appreciated Tolkien, and I’m a serious fan of the films, but I have vivid memories of Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles of Prydain I remember being astonished at Bernard Cornwell’s “Warlord Trilogy” re-telling of Arthur, and I can’t tell you how many copies of Steven Pressfield’s “Gates of Fire” I’ve purchased and given away.

I could name others, but I’m interested in your opinions. Which books came alive for you, and why?

And if you write, what can you do to lift your work to that level?

6 Replies to “Books for a deserted island.”

  1. His Dark Materials did that do me. On the final pages, when everything went down, my heart shattered into tiny little pieces and was completely re-made. It was amazing. I try my best to find ways to break hearts in the same inevitable and side-blinding ways just so i can rebuild them again.

  2. Good vs evil in my fave. epic stories that captivate the reader. my book list would include:

    Tolkien, Hobbit & the rings trilogy
    Dan Abnett’s Gaunt’s ghosts series
    Any western by Louis Lamour
    Anything by Andre Norton (sci-fi only-not her fantasy stuff)
    Running Black
    Forgotten Soldier By Guy Sajer
    Any WWII book by Stephen Ambrose
    Tom Clancy, red storm rising & Hunt for Red October

  3. Good list. You ever read Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Trilogy? Well worth your time, IMO. Love the Ghosts, but I’m very keen on Abnett’s Eisenhorn novels.

    And it’s kind of you to add RB.

    Thanks, man.

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