Piggybacking another WP Blog.

This time on Self Publishing.
This happy fellow has self-pubbed some top Kindle sellers and offers some sound advice from experience. Worth investigating. After all, wouldn’t you like to pay for an expensive resort suite from four days of Kindle sales?
Read the full article:

7 Lessons In Self-Publishing I Learnt In The 7th Grade – Guest Post by Mainak Dhar.

2 Replies to “Piggybacking another WP Blog.”

  1. I LOVE that he backs me up on the cover thing. I have said over and over that the way folks shop for ebooks means that the cover is a colossal part of your work getting chosen.

    I lean more and more toward self-publishing, but I am so loathe to put my marketing hat back on…

  2. Yeah, I spotted the cover thing too. Good call, even if it’s a painfully obvious one to some of us.

    Marketing is where I fall short. Don’t have the touch, I guess. Or confidence, perhaps.

    Thanks for commenting, K.

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