The Drop City Co-Op

No, I’m not talking about a hippie commune in Sonoma. I’m throwing out an idea for a collaborative writing effort; a compilation of Short Stories in a common setting. Anyone read THIEVES’ WORLD when they were younger? That idea, but set in a spaceport. Put Blade Runner, Serenity, Lost and The Wire in a blender, sweeten with a dash of Babylon 5, then mash the Frappe button hard, fast and repeatedly.

Think about it: Addicts, Au Pairs, Bankers, Buskers, Cabbies, Cops, Dealers, Doormen, Prostitutes, Politicians, Smugglers, Soldiers, Terrorists, Tax Collectors… Whoever fires your imagination. The boundaries are the futuristic common setting, one submission per month of quality work not to exceed 7,500 words per, and realistic but redemptive themes. Other than that, it’s Open Season on anything. It’s a chance to exercise some writing skills, cross-pollinate with other creative types, and exorcise some characters or thoughts that have been haunting you.

So here’s my invite to you: Think about it over Christmas/New Year break. Leave a comment if you’re interested or have questions. The plan is to start January 2012 with the first postings at the end of the month. If there are a couple legit responses, we’ll hammer out the details and I’ll add a new section to the site. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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