Pinging another good post from Mike Duran

Been so sick lately I can barely stay on my feet, let alone think, but I wanted to pass on a post regarding the Church’s “Cultural IQ” from Mike Duran. Click here for the link. I genuinely appreciate Mike’s Blog and highly recommend it.

Here’s my own response:

Another good post, Mike. Very near and dear to my heart.

The thought that ignorance somehow equates to sanctification has long plagued the Church, and it breeds a weird, cloistered contempt for the very world we are called to reach. I hate to say it but it’s little wonder we’re dismissed as tedious or irrelevant if we refuse to acquire proper sorting mechanisms and frames of reference to engage people where they’re at. God isn’t scared of knowledge. There’s no question He doesn’t have the answer to, and faux-piety and willful stupidity isn’t attractive or anointed.

Recently though I’ve encountered an equal and the opposite error in some big-name ministries; something I call the TET Offensive: Talent, Emotion and Technology… with a smattering of WWJD. It’s relevance sans substance. I’m certainly not making a case for ignorance, but the pendulum can swing too far the other way. Regardless of our “awareness”, the strongest card we can play will always be our personal knowledge of Jesus and Grace.

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