Book Review: The Heart and the Fist

Some books entertain, some challenge, humble, inform, outrage… Eric Greitens’ book did all that, and more.

Detailing his education as a university student, Rhodes scholar and humanitarian worker in places like China, Rwanda and Bolivia, The Heart and the Fist recounts Mr. Greitens experiences with some of our world’s most profound needs and the people who labor to meet them. If that wasn’t enough, the author then turns down an academic opportunity at Oxford as well as a lucrative consulting position to enter into Navy SEAL training, with subsequent deployments in Kenya, S.E. Asia, and Iraq.

Direct, sober, tautly written,The Heart and the Fist probably won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. The book is quite different however, distinguished by what I can only describe as an enduring tenor of optimism. There is a resolve, a sense of traction that’s woven through the narrative. This book has – for lack of a better word – ‘spirit’. Mr. Greitens isn’t simply a perceptive spectator or affected soul struggling in an ocean of need; he’s an example of an individual response. The Heart and the Fist is the story of one man not content to be informed or raise awareness, but motivated to make a difference. It was both humbling and refreshing, and left a definite mark on my soul.

Thank you, Mr. Greitens.

Five Stars.

You can get a copy:On Amazon

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