Realistic Fiction

“The only enduring bulwark against Mankind’s inherent inhumanity is the action of definite grace on an individual’s heart.”

I was trying to explain to an editor why I wouldn’t remove the “definite world-view statement” in Running Black. He was uncomfortable about two of the characters’ Christianity and the final scene with Gibson. He even hinted he would ‘kick the novel upstairs’ if I did so. No thanks.

Concerned saints interrogate me on why I don’t shy away from violence, profanity and the uglier facets of a story. Concerned atheists/agnostics scorn notions of personal devotion, specific doctrine and spiritual dynamics. Myself, I think there’s more than one way to measure the universe. “Realistic Fiction might be an oxymoron, but I’m trying to write stories that entertain, and resonate with the world around us. That includes Grace and Malice, neither of are truly revealed without the other.

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