3 Replies to “Indie Author Podcast”

  1. Fun stuff; listened to the first half on my lunch break. I gotta say, I’m getting more and more convinced to take some of my stuff the self-pub route. (I know your friend hates that term, but I don’t mind it. 🙂 )

    As far as the blogging advice goes, though, I guess I’ll stop writing about my dogs. I don’t think I can stop being controversial.

    Saving the rest for after my Afternoon Writing Bloc.

    Also: your voice sounds like someone, but I can’t put my finger on it. I’m sure we’ll be watching some movie or something and I’ll yell out “Patrick Todoroff!!!” when it finally matches up with the misfiring synapse.

    1. Great. Glad you liked it. It was an honor and kind of humbling, me being a noob and all.

      I just hope I don’t sound like some infamous miscreant or demagogue. *sheesh*

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