Why the hell is this so hard?

My second book, I mean. Shift Tense

I’m not making excuses, but I’m floundering two thirds of the way through this revision. It’s already well past my original deadline and looking back, it was pure naivete to think I could juggle life, work, church, ministry, etc and crank out another book in 12 months.

But we’re looooong past that and every time I sit down, everything but Shift Tense clamors for attention. I’m stuck.

Any ideas on crossing the finish line?

3 Replies to “Why the hell is this so hard?”

  1. Writing weekends have been helpful to me as a writer. The last time, I rented a room at the cheap Motel 6 and brought snacks and focused on nothing but my WIP for two days. Although this is good mentally for me, I tend to get more done over all on the day-to-day work, when I give myself a daily goal and reach it. I know that’s not helpful because the work seems to drag on and on, but I have many life responsibilities, too. And I think it’s hard to get beyond the fact that writing can be a real drag.

  2. Slog on? 😦

    This post on Rachelle Gardner’s blog has been resonating with me: http://www.rachellegardner.com/2012/05/never-run-out-of-ideas/

    I like his suggestion to “single task”. I’ve gotten bad about this, almost feeling guilty if I’m not accomplishing at least two things at a time, but after a year of trying to be super-woman, I realize this is no way to live long haul. So, I’m making a conscious effort to give my brain a break. I didn’t listen to music on the way into work, and I’m refusing to look at my iphone every 15 minutes.

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