An old form for a new format?

Here’s my question: Do the three elements of ebook format, people’s hectic lifestyles, and shorter attention spans combine to favor serialized stories? As a reader, do you have a preference, or have there been times in your life where one was more convenient? Do you find yourself curling up with a big trade paperback, (Name of the Wind. Thanks, K.) but devouring shorts on your Kindle or Nook?

I’m asking because my other current project, Drop City, has reached a suitable juncture in the overall story-arc. There are a couple more segments in the pipeline, but Part One is done.

I’m thinking of releasing this portion as a novella, then moving onto the next part with releases every 6-8 months until it’s finished. Any insight or suggestions on this?


5 Replies to “An old form for a new format?”

  1. Me too. However, I’ve repeatedly heard the more “successful” e-book authors crank out shorter, serialized fiction every 6-8 months or so.

    Maybe I’m too anxious. Trying to compensate for ST’s delay.

  2. Me, personally, as a writer–I’d have to write the entire thing first and then chop it up, because I know by the time I write “the end” I’d want to change half million or so things throughout. But, as a reader, I do find myself gravitating to short stories and novellas so you might have a point there.

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