Break 30?

On Amazon, that is. I sell about 40 copies per month, but Running Black is holding at 26 reviews. (most of them good. which is nice for my first book)

I’d like to hit 30, so here’s the deal: in a recent office clean up, I found 4 trade paperbacks. They’re not doing any good sitting on a shelf. If you or anyone you know would commit to do a Read/Review and post it on Amazon I’d be happy to send them one of the copies. Gratis.

I’m not fishing for 5-Stars here. An honest review is worth a thousand shills. I’ll extend this offer to those of you who have read it already – say as an e-book – but haven’t reviewed it.

Contact me here.

2 Replies to “Break 30?”

  1. OK. You’re on.

    Please understand Running Black is not a “Christian” novel. It’s regular sci-fi that has Christian characters and spiritual themes. There’s a fairly high body-count and some profanity. Take a look at some of the other reviews on Amazon and if you’re still interested, send your mailing address to: CCGLAZIERatGMAILdotCOM

    Thanks for responding.

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