So why Drop City?

Someone asked me why I was putting out Drop City stories, what with Shift Tense behind schedule and the lack of obvious Christian themes in the first segment.

The simple answer is they keep coming to mind, so I figured I might as well exorcise them from my imagination. Writing something down tends to clear your mental buffer and I figured attending to this excess inspiration will help me get back on track with the lads from Eshu International.

The second answer is related; even a hundred page compilation is another title with my name on it. It shows readership I’m in this for the long haul, and with the serialized form easier to me right now, I think mining it could produce a body of intriguing material. I’ll keep writing monthly chapters and will release compilations every 6-8 months Each portion will be a complete story-arc in itself, but together, they’ll form a mosaic of the larger conflict.

I have to give credit where it’s due, so I’ll reveal three the sources of inspiration. The first is the drug NZT in the film LIMITLESS. (Worth watching, BTW. Esp if you’re a writer) If Viagra has annual sales in excess of one billion USD per year, what do you think the demand would be for a cerebral performance enhancer?

Now hold that thought as you look back in history to the nadir of the British Empire and Victorian England. Read up on the Opium Wars. Horrible, yes, but I doubt future technology is going to curb human addictions or appetites for power or resources. While it alleviates some misery, it simultaneously provides new avenues of exploitation and manipulation.

Last I have to recognize Brian Wood and Richard Burchielli’s DMZ, the only graphic novel series I’ve ever collected. (no, not even Sandman. But if Neil wants to send me an autographed set, I’ll gladly put ’em on my shelf) I won’t offer a review, but it’s a brutal, intelligent, multifaceted look at a second American civil war as seen through the eyes of a young reporter and the weary residents of war-torn Manhattan. Well worth your time and money if you’re into military action and poli-fi spec fiction.

The final reason for writing Drop City/Clar1ty Wars has to do with the Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour” rule. (or as I’ve heard, the writer’s “One Million Word” rule) I’ve got to put in my time writing if I’m going to improve. (Insert statement about delaying activities related to writing versus actually writing here.) The Drop City stories are another step on that road. They won’t all be winners, bestsellers, life-changers. But they’ll get me to that place where I can write one.

Incidentally, I’ve two more scenes to finish, then One Bad Apple will be complete. I’m thinking an August release for ebook and Lulu paperback. Once it’s out, I’ll pull down the current batch and start posting the next.


2 Replies to “So why Drop City?”

  1. AAAAACK!!!! Why’d you have to bring up Limitless ?? That is the most frustrating movie everywhere. Because. Dude. If I have been turned into Algernon McEinstein by taking this drug, and thereby find myself able to amass fortune and favour wherever I go, what is my first order of business?

    Ensuring I have full and easy access to said drug. That’s just BASIC. But the movie gives a super smart person the super stupidity of a drug addict on a binge high. “I’m having so much fun with all these space hookers I say ‘hang the consequences! Bring on more space hookers!'”

    Either he is a) not truly super smart, in which case the drug doesn’t work or b) see a.

    That whole movie just…

    It makes me get my debit card ready to order the sharks with frickin laser beams.

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