So it looks like CreateSpace is going to get my business

For the love of Jesus and all the saints, what the H*#! is going on with Lulu and Smashwords?

I spend hours – yes, HOURS – searching out the arcane formatting instructions, download the appropriate templates, use proper fonts, tweak the cover to the correct resolution with all graphics and text inside bleed/cut parameters, and STILL your sites Time Out, or vomit up error notices, or produce files so wonky it looks like a congress of blind chimps had a go at it. EPIC FAIL for both of you. If you don’t make it user-friendly, you can’t be shocked people flock to competitors.

Competitors like CreateSpace, where when I upload text files or images, they stay the way I formatted them. Where problems and solutions are clearly flagged or marked. Where upload times are on par with current technology. ( As opposed to say, the days of the carrier pigeon)

If it wasn’t the last of the coffee in the pot, I’d have hurled my stoneware mug at my monitor. Ye Gods!

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