You might want to look into these

Lee Stephen’s Epic Universe series, that is. I just received a trade paperback of the forth installment, The Glorious Becoming, and was up ’til one a.m. this morning reading.

For those unfamiliar, the series starts with Dawn of Destiny, moves to Outlaw Trigger, and Hero as it follows Earth’s very human defenders as they wage all-out war against a brutal alien invasion.

In some ways, these are a polar opposite of my stuff: aliens, FTL tech, straight military sci fi. If you’re looking for adrenaline surging, blunt-force trauma, action, you might want to look into these. Perfect for young adults or more conservative readers, they’re solidly written, action packed, and handle mature themes with a deft, non-graphic hand. Mr. Stephen doesn’t pull any punches, but the narrative remains clean. (Yep. It’s definitely not like my stuff at all.)

Two thumbs up on this indie writer and his work.

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