Summer passing

Summer Passing.

The air is still and the heat sits
on my chest heavy as a cat, dozy with purring.
Content to stay while sweat coils under my skin
like bunched sheets. There is a notion
of traffic seeping between the houses.
The suggestion of other life.

Distant rumbles are the furniture of planets
and galaxies dragged across the ceiling of the sky,
re-arranged in some deliberate, foreign astrology
while lightning ciphers silently in my window.
I try to read its Morse shivers
but night’s secrets stay locked to me.

The wind charges next, lashing leaves and flinging
fat, wet pebbles that patter-rattle and pick
at my screen, seeking entrance. Then a deep tearing
across the clouds. And suddenly all that’s left
are melodies dripping through the gutters
and the sigh of summer passing.

– P. Todoroff July 2012

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