The Clar1ty Wars pre-release notes.

Several thoughts on The Clar1ty Wars.

1. It’s on the installment plan.
The series is being released in three segments. Consequently, while each section will be complete in itself, the entire story won’t tie up until the third and final portion. Each act will be available as an inexpensive e-book, and there will be a larger single volume compilation at the end. Some readers might not have the patience for the serialized format, but that’s how the story is unfolding. Apologies in advance if you expect an entire novel right now. “One Bad Apple” puts the pieces on the board. The rest is on the way.

2. Wear your water-wings.
I love immersive fiction. Novels like Neuromancer, Finch, or even Kingkiller Chronicles makes me sit up and pay attention. They force me to use my brain and interact with the story. Now the challenge in writing that way is to throw someone in the deep-end but leave enough floaties bobbing around so they don’t drown. I believe I did so, but if you’re looking for a traditional linear plot with build-up and clear explanations, these aren’t for you.

3. It’s an EVENTS story
The Clar1ty Wars focuses on people caught up in huge events, in this case, the event of a covert, civil war between a planetary government and the massive financial entities that have dominated them for nearly a century. It’s a mosaic composed of various incidents, characters, points-of-view that individually seem disparate but actually form a larger picture. There are recurring characters who will develop over the course of the story, it is divided into a traditional three-act sequence, but I wanted to capture the feeling of multiple individuals caught up in a rip-tide of history.

4. Spiritual Dynamics and Christian Themes
My desire to integrate faith and fiction hasn’t lessened. I simply want to make sure such characters and themes are organic to the storyline, rather than tacking on obligatory “Come to Jesus” moments at random intervals. The seeds are there. They need time and room to grow.

Thanks again to everyone who read them, provided feedback, and took the time to comment. I truly hope you enjoy The Clar1ty Wars series and stick with them to the end. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Amazon willing, OBA will be out in a week.

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