The Crossover Alliance

Joined an online community of indie Christian writers who are committed to realistic, faith-centered, speculative fiction. The goal is not only to raise the genre’s profile, but encourage authors and their readership to tap the rich potential of this field.

Founded by prolific author David Alderman, you can get more info here:The Crossover Alliance

3 Replies to “The Crossover Alliance”

  1. Thanks. I read your recent post on RE prices and thought ‘yikes’! My daughter and son-in-law are looking for their first home here on Cape. It’ll be a miracle if they find anything decent under 175K. And that’s for a starter home.

  2. Wow. Yeah, that’s one of the benefits of living here. Home prices are lower in general. However, some of the foreclosed homes are going jaw dropping dirt cheap. Lots of sheriff sales. I know someone who just bought a house for 7K that appraised for 90K *but* there is a lot of clean up to do. Still. That’s crazy.

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