8 Replies to “Re-Blogging Post from Mike Duran”

  1. It turned into a big brawl when some of the sites he linked responded back. Unfortunately I’m finding myself sucked into it too. The irony is that I wanted to avoid these kinds of arguments, and that’s why I stopped commenting on other political blogs and don’t use my own to talk about issues like that. Mike’s right though, and he’s right about the dangers of becoming exactly what you decry.

  2. I am far too troubled to get involved any more directly than my comment. Because I just don’t see where it’s productive to decry abusive language and mocking tone with abusive language and mocking tone.

  3. I think Mike attempted satire, pointing out how intolerant ‘tolerant’ people can be. Clumsy, perhaps, but malicious? No.

    Jesus Hates Fags is the same spirit as Jesus Hates Fundies, just from opposite ends of social spectrum. Neither is appropriate.

    1. I know what he was attempting. But, malicious or not, it ended up here. Instead of turning the other cheek it’s become this grudge match filled with rancor. I really don’t understand the purpose. Some people who claim to be tolerant are intolerant. That’s news? Not particularly, unless we want to also write long posts about how the sun rose this morning.

      1. You’re right. Like I said in the re-blog headline, it’s old “news”. I’m sorry but not surprised it turned ugly. I hoped it would remain civil.

        Guess I haven’t learned to not stick my hand in that dog-fight.

  4. I was quite flabbergasted this morning at how much nastiness had popped up on his blog overnight. Wha? I thought it was a provocative post, but I didn’t expect it to get this ugly.

    This is a seedy side to Christianity that I’ve never experienced…perhaps because I don’t go seeking it out. I have, however, been studying the “New Spirituality”, i.e., Christianity that seeks unity in diversity even with other faiths, to the point where Jesus becomes only one of many ways to God. It makes me angry to see the “Christian” left portray Jesus as such. (In quotes because it’s no longer Christianity in that case.) I think (hope) it’s righteous anger I’m feeling, however, it doesn’t give me license to lash out.

    It’s very difficult to know when to be quiet in these circumstances versus when to stand up for the truth, and to do both in a loving way without harboring bitterness in the heart. 😦

  5. I don’t equate holding forth a contrary position as ‘lashing out’ or ‘hating’. Somebody’s got to say it. And it doesn’t mean you’re bitter. Unfortunately, the prevailing tone of society and the internet encourage very un-civil discourse.

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