M41A Pulse Rifle or Dark Elven Blade of Whispers?

Is it just me or is Fantasy more popular than Sci Fi?

I haven’t run any hard numbers, but it feels like Sci Fi may dominate the Big Screen for its eye-candy potential, but there are A LOT of Fantasy books being published ALL THE TIME. When ever I log on to Smashwords, GoodReads or even Amazon, I’m flooded by adverts for some elvish princess with chainmail-clad misty mountains or the urbanized variety with a hunky were-wolf staring me down. As a hardcore cosmonaut, I’m ready to slash my wrists. (with +5 Dirk of Wounding)

Is this accurate or am I under a Spell?


This is amusing:

2 Replies to “M41A Pulse Rifle or Dark Elven Blade of Whispers?”

  1. That is definately true, fantasy seems to be cleaning up in print. That also includes contemporary and urban fantasy. Steampunk is also goin pretty strong.

  2. No, it’s been like that for a bit. I think Stephenson’s Anathem was the last big SF book out, and then it dried up. I mean, there’s Stross and others, but they don’t really seem to penetrate the mass consciousness like fantasy does. Not sure why.

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