To Parry and Shirk

Re-posting a TED Talk is an easy out to meet weekly blogging quotas. I don’t apologize, in that they’re well worth the time and effort. (In fact, it’s my deeply-held conviction TED Talks are a shining example of what the Internet is supposed to offer. As opposed to say, hentai porn.) I do apologize if you were looking for substance of a more personal note related to Christian fiction or artistic endeavor.

Lately, I’ve avoided HSSJ because in hammering out personal issues, I recognize no one’s as fascinated with my life as I am. And, as Fran Lebowitz once said, “Spilling your guts is exactly as charming as it sounds.” I didn’t want to add my semi-digested angst to the Gravitron that is the bloggo-sphere.

In the last two months I’ve declined the security of a Board position on a church council in favor of pioneering a Bible Study, been awarded the job to restore 36 leaded glass windows in a historic church, opted to re-work the entire ending for Shift Tense, and seen the birth of my third grandchild. Add regular work/family/church obligations with the occasional blizzard-induced power outage, and you’ll see its been busy here.

All this has combined to a rather sobering mix of events, forcing a guy who still plays with toy soldiers to do something truly ridiculous, namely act his age. Not a bad thing, necessarily, but I’ve been in narrow-focus, closed mode much more than normal, and my creative energies have been exhausted figuring out ways to avoid smashing my monitor at recent news stories, while not dope-smacking Christians for comments that are irrelevant to the point on inanity. (Small wonder any spare time is spent reading fiction: it makes more sense.)

That said, Spring is almost here, God is still in control, things are getting done.

I’ll end with a great quote I found the other day, as well as a link to a great article by a man who salvaged my faith:

“This is a place where grandmothers hold babies on their laps under the stars and whisper in their ears that the lights in the sky are holes in the floor of heaven.”

Article by Os Guinness

3 Replies to “To Parry and Shirk”

  1. God has a plan my friend. A plan for you & one for me too. Great news on the restoration job! I know the feeling on smacking Christians. I went to a Church Security conference yesterday & found myself wanting to smack a few of the guys seated near me who were acting in a decidedly un-Christian manner. (in my opinion)


  2. Thanks, man. I hear you and I’m hanging on to that promise. I appreciate the encouragement.

    Church Security,eh? How interesting was that? (for good or ill)
    I’m curious.

  3. Church Security Conference was very good. Taught by the 2 foremost authorities on the subject in the US. Carl Chinn & Chuck Caldwell. I highly recommend Carl’s book: Evil invades Sanctuary. Check out
    Security is one of my “things”. I have done quite a bit of it in the secular world & now taking it on in our church.


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