Is my work ‘Science Fiction’?

I recognize my work isn’t ‘Christian’ in the traditional sense. In preparing Shift Tense: Red Flags for release I wondered if it really counts as science fiction in the traditional sense. I gots no wise-cracking aliens, no FTL, Jedi Knights, death rays, or time machines.

Is it cyberpunk? Moreso, perhaps. Its got that ‘high-tech fluff/lowlife’ spice. But there are no big hair/metal-band, leather-clad punks. (You’re welcome)

Fact is, I wrote Shift Tense to illustrate the friction between First and Third World armies with their widely different weapon systems and soldiers, and the general social, technological and financial inequality that in my opinion will remain and widen.

So is it near-future thriller? Espionage? Vanilla Action and Adventure? Or something else? I’m interested in your opinion.

Side Note – I do love this trailer:

2 Replies to “Is my work ‘Science Fiction’?”

  1. It’s two things. What publishers have decided long ago to be categories that define the likely origins of revenue – types of audiences looking for categories of keywords they have grown up with.

    And it’s what you make of it, together with your readers.

    The first can be a challenge. Greta van der Rol, a space opera author predominantly recently had a similar set of questions.

    Whatever we put in our writing, ultimately it has to fit in a box. The trick is to simply use the box to connect with readers, and have them connect with you – and the rest is entirely up to what you make of it together.

    A story can be science fiction, and still be steampunt. or cyberpunk. The box will say it is science fiction, you and the reader will find it that way, but will read it with your own individual interpretation!

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