A bit of controversy.

Skip this if Christianity/homosexuality is a sensitive issue for you. This has nothing to do with writing, spec-fiction or indie publishing. Please also note this is neither an exhaustive theological investigation, nor an invitation to debate. This is a personal perspective.

I’m always fascinated and dismayed by the Homosexual/Christianity/Bigotry debates.

I think the core message gets lost in the scuffle and slander: made in the image of God, there is nonetheless in each of us that element that is isolated, broken and defiant. We sin because we are sinners – not the other way around – and sexual immorality (of which homosexuality is one type) is symptomatic of that deeper disconnect.

Each of us is lost in our own way and in desperate need of a savior. No one is excluded from that. Yet it seems we cling to the wonderful truth that God is love while ignoring the only aspect of his nature ever emphasized to the third degree: his holiness. In Jesus Christ, God invites anyone and everyone to become citizens in an eternal kingdom under the leadership of the Son. He calls us out of darkness, out of sin, to a new, regenerated life. Repentance isn’t merely the first step to salvation; it’s the key dynamic in our faith and journey. God is looking for loyal hearts, authentic, honest worship – not perfection – and I’m also convinced from scripture, theology and personal experience the grace that forgives also heals and transforms.

Each of us is ultimately accountable for our own decisions, our own actions, including our response to the fundamental (yes, I used the ‘F’-word) claims of the Gospel. Anything less is playing the victim and irresponsible. Sin is the soul’s choice of not-God, and it is the thing that kills- not doctrine.

Jesus is your answer.

3 Replies to “A bit of controversy.”

  1. I recognize that sounds naive, but either Christianity ‘works as directed’ or it isn’t worth a bucket of spit.

    Thank for commenting and happy 4th.

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