Any indie spec-fiction authors interested in swapping reads/reviews? I’d like to boost my review numbers at Amazon and GoodReads, and I’m sure others would too

I mean a one-for-one swap: I’ll read your novella/novel, (50 – 100K) in a specific time frame, then post a short, honest review at Amazon, on my Blog, and GR.

I don’t want a typical ‘shill and gush’. Participants have to agree to a definite deadline, be willing to face constructive criticism, and genuinely honor the agreement. At the end of the day, I’m more than happy to read a good story and promote solid work. And I believe one of the main ways indie authors can all benefit is to support and encourage one another with honest, quality writing.

Considering my schedule, I can do 4-6 titles (depending on size) by the beginning of October.

Again, only Spec-Fiction at this time, please.

Any interest?

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