Top Ten Indie/funky movies.

On a lighter side: Movies

Is there anyone you can have a complete conversation with entirely in movie quotes? I’m curious if it’s just me.


I had a movie flashback driving to the Post Office the other day, specifically the Waffle Hut scene from (the remade) Ladykillers, which had me cackling at random, inappropriate times all morning, then trolling YouTube for clips during lunch. I realized it’s definitely on my Top Ten Quirky list. (Action flicks get a separate list.)

So in no real order:

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
I used to sing “Man of Constant Sorrow” at the top of my lungs when my teenage kids’ friends were visiting.

“Sometimes it’s the only way!”

Shaun of the Dead
The whole movie is quotable

The Incredibles
Edna Mode. Period

Wristcutters- a love story
“If there is trap, set up for you…”

Away we go
The various friends are classic.

Henry Poole was here
Great little movie.

Mirror Mask
A Neil Gaiman story

Cold Souls
Paul Giamatti as… Paul Giamatti

Good Will Hunting
Best thing either of them has ever done, IMO

Honorable Mentions: Ink, Everything is Illuminated, the British version of Death at a Funeral, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along-Blog.

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