What’s in a Number – Update

Wherein I’m on the receiving end of justifiable criticism…

Latest “Running Black” Review addresses the exact questions I raised in an earlier post in Amazon Ratings and Reviews.

In my defense, I’m fully aware I’m not William Gibson and my debut novel isn’t going to win the Hugo, Nebula and PKD. Not in a million years. Neither would I assert the Eshu International world is a credible extrapolation of Middle Eastern politics or corporate hegemony. Any more than “Live Free or Die Hard” was a realistic depiction of a cyberattack on American infrastructure or “The 300” caught the historical reality of Thermopylae. But Mr. Durkey is well read with broader, higher points of reference, and the fact is my work doesn’t attain to elite levels. End of the day, I’m fine with Three Stars and ‘well-written’, ‘solid action, good airport book.’

Thank you Mr. Durkey, for taking the time to read and review my book.

4 Replies to “What’s in a Number – Update”

    1. Absolutely, I’m not in a snit at all.

      BTW, I’ve been slogging through a glass-work related morass, but I’m working my way through your latest. The fact that it doesn’t take itself so seriously is quite refreshing.

  1. I have been thinking about this & the other “whats in a number” post

    I guess when I rate a book… I rate it as a stand alone entity. I don’t rate it against this book or that classic.

    So if I give it 5 stars

    I really like regardless of what I feel about any other book 🙂

    1. I can appreciate that. I guess I can’t help but reference other books in the same genre, and weigh the relative impact on me and my opinion of their storytelling.

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