My Cyberpunk Christmas wish

I miss Fringe. (Or at least the first few seasons before Peter died in that split-universe machine. Or whatever it was he did there…) I’m still waiting for Almost Human to get good. I liked the lion’s share of the updated Battlestar Galactica, (There’s a damn fine reason the BSG episode “33” won a Hugo) and I think I’m one of the few who found the sequel/prequel Caprica intriguing. I was disappointed to learn the LucasArts recently cancelled Star Wars 1313. Is it me, or would bounty-hunting in the undercity on Coruscant be pretty cool?

So my inner nerd is pining for some real cyberpunk in 2014. Get Ron Moore in a room with the writers from “The Wire”, then hire William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and maybe Richard K Morgan as consultants. (Nab John Scalzi too. IMO, he kept Stargate: Universe going past its freshness date) Gimme a movie, a mini-series, web-isodes even – just so long as it has grit, depth, and story arcs that last longer that 42 minutes. Slalom past tropes and easy-peasy laughably predictable endings, and gimme real characters wrestling with brutally honest futuristic themes.

Please, Santa.

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