Toe in the traditional waters

TheBarrowLover 2 preview-1 Submitted my Celtic-flavored ghost story “The Barrow Lover” to a small press recently. Can’t articulate why I’m trying a more traditional route with this one. It’s a novella, certainly different from my usual sci-fi, but something about the story, about the process was markedly different. Feelings are never a good gauge for decision-making, but the option felt appropriate. And, with the current market and technology, it’s not the end of the world if they pass on it.

It will need more work – it’s presently in what I call the ‘polished first draft’ phase – but I’m very pleased with how it turned out and what it could turn into. Either way, I’m considering making a Celtic stained glass panel to give away for the release. (I’ll entertain suggestions on that, if anyone has any…)

Michal Oracz crafted another great cover for me. Wish me the luck of the Irish.

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