Eshu International backstories?

SHIFT_TENSE_final_rgb_flatten_6x9inches_with_bleeds I plan on releasing the full SHIFT TENSE novel in trade paperback and ebook late this year, but I want to add bonus material to distinguish the separate release from the serialized portions. I was considering short stories centering on Poet9, Tam and Jace, and the Triplets prior to the formation of Eshu International.

I’ve got a killer one for Poet9, but any preferences or suggestions?

5 Replies to “Eshu International backstories?”

  1. not strictly Eshu international but during muy current re-reading Running Black I keep thinking that a backstory (or a standalone) for Hester would be interesting

    1. Gosh, thank you for commenting. And specially for re-reading RB.

      Hester was conceived as a particularly ruthless, utterly focused character, the kind of agent whose existence is defined by the mission. That transformation, that forging of human being into single-minded, self-guided weapon would be difficult to explore and express well. (*opens new tab and makes note in E.I. file)

      I have to admit the Eshu International world is on the back burner. Has been for some time. The thing about being an Indie writer without contractual obligation and only self-imposed deadlines is the freedom to pursue whatever inspiration strikes. That’s double-edged because I’m also never forced to knuckle down and mine what is actually a rich seam of ideas and characters. It’s a time and money thing: the funds aren’t flowing enough for me to write full-time, so it’s only me deciding how I spend spare hours at the keyboard.

      But on the topic of older stories: I’m finishing the first half of a post-apocalyptic fantasy epic right now but plan to hammer out the next section of The Clar1ty Wars before year’s end. (Now I was contracted to develop a table top war game for a company in the U.K. but the lion’s share of that is complete, so I don’t anticipate obstacles or detours there.) I haven’t forgotten Eshu International though – it’s gestating. (at this rate, the next installment will be an absolute monster)

      Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. Have an excellent day.

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