Common Oddities Sideshow e-Zine.

Jessica Thomas hammers out yet another issue of the e-Zine, Common Oddities Sideshow. Loaded with excellent Spec-Fiction, this one includes short stories, poetry, and novel excerpts, including two scenes from the upcoming Clar1ty Wars installment by yours truly. Click on the link to read or DL.

Thanks and Enjoy.

Link: Spring 2014 Issue of Common Oddities Sideshow

2 Replies to “Common Oddities Sideshow e-Zine.”

    1. Thanks, man. Glad you enjoyed them.

      Too many ideas, too little time… The Barrow Lover has been keeping me busy, as have assorted potential plots/novels. I’ve got to decide which of them to pursue and develop.

      I know I’ve got to hammer out more Clar1ty Wars, but I’m really leaning toward a fantasy piece.

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