SFWA… Why bother?

So here I am trawling the big WWW for potential endorsers for The Barrow Lover, mustering the courage to cold call already busy authors and beg the boon of a back cover blurb, when I read of sexism, scandals, factions, pissing contests, megalomania, and other sordid minutiae typical of large organizations filled with people (as opposed to say, ocelots) and I wonder why bother joining?

I mean I want to qualify. I want my work at a high professional and creative standard. I would enjoy new friendships, love to have the camaraderie of like-souled peers. But do I need more drama, distraction and politics in my life? I already go to church.


Oh hey. I’m gonna email John Scalzi now.

Wait – Never mind

PS. If anyone has an Endorser recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

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