Having Committment Issues

Over my next writing project.

Do I hammer away at the next section of Clar1ty Wars shorts? The rather Evangelical modern horror espionage piece I started? The epic fantasy that’s been simmering for a couple years? The Eshu International backstory pieces? Or the Post-Apocalyptic fantasy that’s recently popped up in my head?

Anyone else wrestle with this problem?

One Reply to “Having Committment Issues”

  1. I don’t wrestle with this so much. I usually keep going until the end. In saying that, there is one book on the backburner I may never finish, although it’s witty and enjoyable and I’m pleased with it to date. I’m re-editing and adding a few more thousand words to another one I wrote some years ago. My debut novel, #Charter to Redemption has just been published, and I recently finished the sequel, which I began from go to woah without a hitch. Perhaps I’ve learned patience with age 😉
    D. J. Blackmore

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