Charlatans for Christ

So WORLD magazine has yet another expose in the Parade of Shame for mega-ministry train wrecks. This month’s culprit is Ron Luce of Acquire the Fire fame. You can read the full article HERE if you can stomach it, but it is the all-too-typical sordid fare of shallow dealings, megalomania, dissembling, deception, and rationalizations rather than repentance. “Be sure of this, your sin will find you out,” seems to have dropped off the memory verse list.

“You have given occasion for the enemies of God to blaspheme” the Lord said to adulterous, murderous King David. As a former minister and present Christian, thanks for that brother Ron. As if it ain’t tough enough.

This is really just another fine example of Western Christianity’s “TET Offensive” style of ministry: reliance on Talent, Emotion and Technology over Character and Anointing. All genuine ministry is fundamentally supernatural, rooted in who Jesus is and what He did. It’s His story preacher, not yours. It’s the Chef, not the Waiter, so stop spitting in the food. Don’t believe your own press and hog the spotlight. Ministry isn’t a cruising altitude – it’s a diving bell. Hide in Christ and let Him get the glory – He’ll reward you soon enough. (and any crown you get you’re going to throw at Jesus’ feet anyway, so…)

I don’t know which is worse: that there’s enough scandal fodder for WORLD to do monthly articles, or the general undermining of Christian credibility. It’s rather discouraging, all you leaders getting caught with your pants down or hand in the till. I swear, If it wasn’t for Jesus, I’d give up on Christianity altogether.

*apologies to jesters all over the world.

3 Replies to “Charlatans for Christ”

  1. This sucks. I grew up watching Ron Luce on Fire by Nite, and Teen Challenge was always thought of highly. I’m getting the sense that these days it’s every man for himself. You can trust no one.

  2. I’ve got that same nagging suspicion too. I keep fending it off with prayer and good online sermons, but these twerps aren’t making it any easier.

    No doubt God uses these men, honoring His Word, Jesus’ work, and people’s faith, but while adversity makes the man, success is the true test. I suspect they think ministerial accomplishments are God’s stamp of approval on their every move, and they’ve somehow become bullet-proof.

    No one ever gets beyond repentance and the need for transparency, for integrity.

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