“Five flaming torches on the rolla-bolla of death!” *

Glass-wise, in the last two weeks I’ve made a large beach scene window, a pair of half length sidelights, sandblasted two full-size kitchen doors, made five leaded-glass panels for cabinets, twenty-four fish suncatchers, five blue-star banners, one Chicago city flag, drawn up a set of full-length sidelights and started two panels for personal projects. Make hay while the sun shines…

Writing, I’m scribbling in the gaps: lunch, after dinner, thirty minutes here, an hour there. Page count is increasing, however slowly. I’ll have another section of Grim Fall soon-ish.

Lots of work is a good problem to have, but the writer in me almost wishes for winter.


*uttered by street busker in Halifax, N.S decades ago and now part of our family argot.

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