Latest glasswork of note

Used to be I took pictures of everything. Every suncatcher, repair, cabinet, hanging panel… After nearly 15 years, it’s only large or interesting projects.

Here’s a pair of sidelights for a private residence in Osterville, MA. Client requested simple but elegant, and of the four options I sketched, this was her final selection. Lead and zinc came construction, clear waterglass with pale gray granite and bevel borders. 30mm faceted jewels add a bit of sparkle at major lead joins.

I still marvel I get paid to do this. It’s a genuine blessing.

There’s a large multi-piece commission on the horizon, with arts and crafts cabinets, a door lite, and two large Tiffany-style landscapes.

Writing-wise, I’m hammering out a scene from the next Clar1ty Wars collection, titled “Under Strange Stars”.

Full view of entryway
Full view of entryway
Left-hand sidelite
Left-hand sidelite
You guessed it - right hand sidelite.
You guessed it – right hand sidelite.

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